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Frequently asked Questions.

I'm thinking about maintaining all my strats in stratbook, but I'm worried that the service won't be up for long?
Stratbook is a long term project that is continuously updated and improved. We've been up for over 3 years now with thousands of active users and aren't going anywhere :)
Where can I report bugs or request new features?
First of all, we're very thankful for everyone who is taking their time to report bugs and provides valuable feedback.
The best way is to report the issue on our Discord server linked at the top. If you have a Github account, you can open an issue on the projects repository. You can also always send me a DM on twitter.
Who can see my strats?
Your strats are only visible to your own team. Stratbook has good security measures in place to keep your strats safe and sound.
Are there any costs or prices?
Stratbook is so called "Free and Open Source Software". Using the code and hosting the service yourself will always be free.
The prehosted service at "" is also currently free. If you wish to support the development and the hosting of Stratbook there is a donation button at the bottom of the page.
Can I host Stratbook myself?
You can absolutely host Stratbook yourself. There is a guide on setting it up and installing prerequesites on the Github page of the project, which will be continuously improved.
Who is behind this project?
Hi there! I'm Justin, a 27 year old software engineer & esports enthusiast based in Hamburg, Germany. I played CSGO in the german amateur scene for a few years and started developing Stratbook in my freetime during Covid-19.
But you, too, could be behind this project! Drop me a message if you're interested in collaborating or helping out.